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Where Does Your Garbage Go After It's Collected?

Posted by john bria on Tue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 09:38 AM

Unless it is your chore to put out the trash, you have no connection with it at all. It's gone, and you could care less. Where does garbage go once it is collected in Fairfield County, CT?

Those gents who pick up your throwaways do a lot more than simply collect your trash. They are part of the solution to increasing environmental challenges. They stand in for you with innovative and responsive solutions. They start a chain of events that recycles millions of tons of plastics, paper, glass, and metal. In doing so, they create new sources of renewable energy and clean landfills protecting wildlife habitats and natural resources.

Where Does Garabe Go

Where does garbage go after it is picked up at your house? Each of us puts out about 4.5 pounds of trash each day. Throw in the waste from offices and businesses, and you're talking 250 million tons each year. Add in industrial and construction materials and you have 500 million more. This begins our stewardship of the environment. 

What so special about waste management trucks? Most modern waste management trucks operate on bio-diesel to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. They conserve energy and reduce costs. 

Where does garbage go next? Your trash goes to a landfill where some of it is sorted in to recyclable bins and some of it is dumped into the landfill. While the recyclables go one way, the landfill is plowed under and intro soil and previous deposits. As the landfill decomposes, methane and related gases leaches out into a landfill-gas-to-energy. This process produces energy that helps us reduce our dependence on other fossil fuels and reduces methane damage to the ozone layer.  

Some waste is burned in waste-to-energy facilities equipped with modern pollution control equipment to clean emissions. Such facilities have generated more than 2,700 megawatts of electricity, enough power to light and heat 1.7 million homes

Where does organic materials go? Organic waste taken to the landfill is composted. Organic materials - potato and banana peels, non-fat kitchen scraps,coffee and tea, grass cuttings and fall leaves -  deteriorate into a soil supplement for planting and fertilizing. Compost reduces the need for water and pesticides in your garden. You can usually purchase compost at your local landfill.

Where does the indigenous wildlife go? Landfills are often located near wild life habitats or natural wetlands. Some landfills support community facilities where local citizens can learn about ecological stewardship, recycling, and other green policies and practices. Some support golf courses, lakes, and hike-and-bike parks.And, once the landfill is closed, the owner operators continue to collect and distribute gas.

Where does your garbage go? Nest time your garbage truck comes by, thank the folks who pick up your trash for being a vital part of of an ecological cycle protects our health and environment. Their weekly visits starts a process of recycling and composting. They make energy our of your waste -  24/7 year in and year out.

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